The project is a model experiment, trying to transcend capitalism. Unleashed global capitalism is about to destroy our planet. We have to find radically different solutions. According to climate scientists we have a window of opportunities of about ten years, to avert the worst catastrophe and its unimaginable terrible consequences. 

What is capitalism? The core problem is very simple: The person which has the money, which is at the top of a hierarchy, is giving orders and is taking all the profits. This logic starts with a small project like this and upscaled to big multinational corporations is unfolding all its destructive potential by relentless exploitation of resources, nature, animals and human beings. 

So what is different with this project? The person who is at the top of this project, in this case the composer and initiator Leonhard Bartussek, is not determining top to down the question of how the profits are going to be shared. He has the exact same say, the same vote like every other participant, like each musician, each engineer, each supporter and each person which buys the recording and which is an equally important part in the collective experience. 

Motivation? Overcoming Spotify. The different Streaming Services, all modeled after the business practices of Spotify, are the biggest machinery of exploitation of human creativity of millions of musicians worldwide in the history of mankind. We are rejecting this system and want to develop a different approach which could be an attractive alternative model for musicians. Why? Because everybody would benefit, a stronger community could evolve. We could strengthen a stronger relationship and identification between the musicians and the fans, which to our understanding are not just consumers, but active, participating listeners.