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Become a supporter and get your share within the category „supporters“

If the project is successful it is possible that you get back a multiple amount of the money you paid in

The project is already supported by several private supporters and the Art Foundation of North Rhine- Westphalia, which is covering the fees for the musicians and the composition in order to pay the musicians an appropriate salary. For an ensemble of thirteen musicians this is the biggest chunk in the budget (around € 25.000.-). But, we still need to acquire money for the production costs: sound engineers, travel- and hotel costs, production of CD’s, organization and pr, etc. 

The production costs are about € 15.000.- and this is also our goal for our crowdfunding campaign. Once we reach our goal the category „supporters“ is going to be closed and the shares within this category are going to be locked in.

The bigger the amount of money you contribute, the bigger is your percentage, your share within the category “supporters”. Still, how big the percentage of the category “supporters” is going to be of the entire pie of the overall profits is going to be determined collectively. 

How the ratio of distribution and the voting procedures are working you can read here, under: About the project

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