The development of a platform called Liquify, which is designed to be a radical, cooperative alternative to Spotify and others. All independent artists of all genres could present their projects, could solve the question of how to redistribute the profits in accordance with their fan- communities and could strengthen and nourish the relationship with their fan- base. The platform will follow the exact same principles like in this pilot project; this means a possible profit of the platform will be rewarded by the users and not determined top to down in the conventional capitalist logic. 

If the pilot project Liquid Edge would become a real substantial success, this could open up the space for other projects and music groups and the platform Liquify could become a real alternative to Spotify. Developing this approach and turning it into a professionally smooth running service would be a very complex challenge, technically but legally as well. 

But maybe we can create a big wave, a movement together for a more just world, giving value to everybody, a world where everybody can grow and benefit!